Iona College Cleans Up at Teen Ag Awards

Posted by Erin Speedy on 4 November 2019 | Comments

thumbnail 20191101 1073370722 2786683798018287 6296166419482542080 nThe Iona College Teen Ag club has proven too hard to beat at the 2019 East Coast awards, taking home the top three accolades. 

The Club was awarded Teen Ag Club of the Year, led by Chair Annabel Bowen who was also crowned Teen Ag Chair of the Year for her leadership.

Year 10 student Abby McIntyre was also named Teen Ag Member of the Year, for her contribution to the club. 

Club Chair Annabel Bowen says she’s proud of the way the whole club has come together over the last few years.

“It’s actually like a community with in the College, so it’s really cool to see all these girls who might not actually be from a farm but come in and say ’hey I’m a little bit interested in ag’, so it’s cool to see them just get out there as well.”

Annabel says being part of the Teen Ag Club has opened her eyes to different parts of the rural sector, coming from a sheep, beef and deer farm.

“I didn’t really know that much about dairy, I didn’t know much about viticulture and all of those different areas of agriculture, it’s given me an understanding of what’s actually out there.”

She says the club has managed to bring together girls from all over the College, both seniors and juniors.

Year 10 student Abby McIntyre says she has loved being part of the club and was surprised by winning East Coast Teen Ag member of the year.

“I’ve enjoyed the different aspects of it, the games, practical and theory skills and going to different events, meeting new people and gaining an idea of the Ag industry,” she says.

With a few more years left at school, her goal is to become Chair of the Club by year 12.

“I really just want to better the future of Teen Ag at Iona and get more people involved.”

Her message to anyone thinking about joining their local Teen Ag club, is to just do it.

“It’s such a great opportunity to get, and to get an understanding of how the industry works and having people around you,” she says.

Three other Iona College students were also gifted Teen Ag leaving jerseys for their contribution to the Club over five years.

Phoebe Williams, Josie Free and Niamh Barnett have all been fully involved with the club since year nine.